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RD 11
Ross Wright Memorial
23rd March 2019

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Series Winner -:- Paul Solomon*
Second place -:- Mark Caruso*
Third place -:- Chris Solomon*
Hs Star Award James Wren
Best Presented Car & Crew Michael Tancredi
Crew Chief of the Year Ken Hutchins
Most Improved Jarman Dalitz
Vortex Altitude Award Daniel Evans
Encouragement Award Cody Atkins
Outstanding Achievement Ken Hutchins
Rookie of the Year Cheian Perrett
Drivers Driver Phil Lock
All Star Legend Murray Lock
Velocita Lucky Draw Daniel Evans
(* Driver's Points)




Series winner  -:- Chris Solomon*

 Second place  -:- Brenten Farrer *

 Third place     -:- Daniel Evans *

 Best Presented Car & Crew Brenten Farrer
 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year
Tony Bartlett
 Rookie of the Year
Jarman Dalitz
 Rising Star Award Jack Gartner
 Most Improved Driver Daniel Evans
 Vortex Altitude Award Chris Solomon
 Outstanding Achievement Award
 Legends Award
Paul Solomon

"H" Award Jack Gartner

Encouragement Award Kane Newcombe

10 Seasons Awards - Brad Foster, Chris Solomon

Phil Lock & Team Hickman

(* Driver's Points)


Series winner  -:- Brenten Farrer *

 Second place  -:- Corey Lincoln *

 Third place     -:- Jed Bell *

 Best Presented Car & Crew Hickman Motorsport
 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year John Farrer
 Rookie of the Year
Jack Gartner
 Most Improved Driver Corey Lincoln
 Vortex Altitude Award Jed Bell
 Legends Award
Darren Hickman

Little Legends -

"H" Award Jed Bell

Encouragement Award Trigga Gates and Michael Holt

(* Driver's Points)


 Series winner  -:- Scott Bogucki *

 Second place  -:-

 Third place     -:-

 Best Presented Car & Crew Brenten Farrer
 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year
Tony Bartlett
 Rookie of the Year Dion Bellman

 Rising Star Award
Dion Bellman
 Most Improved Driver Brenten Farrer
 Vortex Altitude Award
Colin Barker
 Outstanding Achievement Award Bill Fraser
 Legends Award
Kerrie Donnelly & Mark Hales

Little Legends -

"H" Award Wayne Logue

Encouragement Award Corey Lincoln

(* Driver's Points)


 Series winner  -:- Chad Ely*

 Second place  -:- Paul Solomon*

 Third place     -:- Phil Lock*

 Best Presented Car & Crew Jimmy Gardiner
 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year Team Ely
 Rookie of the Year
 Rising Star Award Corey McMullagh
 Most Improved Driver Zac Farrer
 Vortex Altitude Award Jimmy Gardiner
 Outstanding Achievement Award Mark King
 Legends Award Freddy, Mandy & "H"

Little Legends - Jade Moule, Todd Moule & Jayden Lock

"H" Award Shannon Barry

Encouragement Award Jed Bell

(* Driver's Points)


 Series winner  -:- Brad Foster

 Second place  -:- Colin Brooks

 Third place     -:- Tony Moule

 Best Presented Car & Crew Sam Putland
 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year Lindsay Trotter (VIC 11)
 Rookie of the Year
Brenten Farrer
 Rising Star Award Sam Putland
 Most Improved Driver Brad Foster
 Vortex Altitude Award
Tony Moule
 Outstanding Achievement Award Shaun Forrell 
 Legends Award
Tony Moule


 Series winner  -:- Harley Bishop

 Second place  -:- Keke Falland

 Third place     -:- Wayne Logue

 Best Presented Car & Crew Keke Falland Racing
 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year John Butler (ACT15)
 Rookie of the Year Harley Bishop
 Rising Star Award Keke Falland
 Most Improved Driver Wayne Logue
 Vortex Altitude Award Colin Brooks
 Outstanding Achievement Award Mark Noonan
 Legends Award Phil Lock



Series winner  -:- Mark Caruso

 Second place  -:- Chad Ely

 Third place     -:- Tony Moule

 JSR Encouragement Award  -:- Shaun Forrell 

 Outstanding achievement -:- Tony Moule

 Best Presented Car & Crew -:- Leon Hennessy

 Battler of the Series -:-Chris Ingram

 Rookie of the Year -:- Leon Hennessy

 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year -:- Byron  Phillips

 Drivers Driver -:- Phil Lock


 Series winner  -:- Colin Brooks

 Second place  -:- Chad Ely

 Third place     -:- Phil Lock

 JSR Encouragement Award  -:- Mark Noonan

 Outstanding achievement -:- Mark Caruso

 Best Presented Car & Crew -:- Kate Searle

 Battler of the Series -:-Bill Fraser

 Rookie of the Year -:- Chad Ely

 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year -:- Tony Bartlett 

 Drivers Driver -:- Phil Lock



 Series winner  -:- Paul Solomon 

 Second place  -:- Colin Brooks 

 Third place     -:- Darren Hickman

 Encouragement Award  -:- Brad Foster

 Outstanding achievement -:- Bartlett Motorsport

 Best Presented Car & Crew -:- Colin Barker

 Battler of the Series -:-Damien Dannett

 Rookie of the Year -:- Colin Brooks

 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year -:- Murray Lock


 Series winner  -:- Darren Hickman

 Second place   -:- Ricky Barrand

 Third place      -:- Troy Little

 Encouragement  Award -:- Brad Foster & Steuert Bros

 Outstanding Achievement -:- Anthony Vanderyyden

 Best Presented Car & Crew -:- Phil Lock

 Battler of the Year -:- Terry Kelly

 1-11 Crew Chief of the Year -:- Bill Roberts

 Drivers Driver -:- Ricky Barrand

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