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A mate’s tribute.............................
All Stars Media posted Tuesday February 7, 2017.

Flying in this week for the 6th year in a row Travis Rilat is flying 20 plus hours across the world this week to compete in the race meeting held in honour of his mate Tyson Perez.

The Tyson Perez Memorial which has become affectionately known as the ‘Spud’ Memorial is being held this Saturday night – 11th February at Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier.
Rilat will be driving the USA29 A+ Powder Coating owned Triple X under the banner of PJS Motorsport. Rilat has won the event the last 3 years and with a very emotional acceptance speech told everyone how much this race meeting means to him.

‘It is out of respect for Tyson that I come back to be a part of this night. Normally back home in the states it is only drivers that are given a memorial event and it is really great to see others recognised in Australia. It’s not only drivers that have been involved in speedway and touched hearts along their way.’ said Rilat.

Series Promoter Mandy Searle s says “Again I find it hard to believe that someone can travel from Texas for the 6th time to be a part of our show. The enormity of his effort is overwhelming. Driving from one end of Australia is one thing but travelling half way across the world is another.
I was humbled the first year Travis ran with us and will be again this weekend. Their friendship must have been really special.”

Rilat is only here for a short few days but plans on catching up with Tyson’s Mum Deb & Tuck for a night of memories and old stories.

Travis & Spud celebrate an ASCS Feature win at Cowtown Speedway 2009


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