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Beaten by the weather
All Stars Media posted Monday February 13, 2017.

Unfortunately rain was the winner of the 7th Tyson Perez Memorial Saturday night at Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier.

In what started out as a sunny Saturday afternoon a huge field of cars rolled into the pits for the event. “We managed to complete Time Trials and our first heat but as we rolled out for our second the drizzly rain started and that was effectively the end of our night.

Light rain was persistent and after waiting a while to see if it was going to clear there was no choice but to cancel the remainder of the night. How disappointing for the 30 plus cars in the pits, for Tyson’s family, for Travis Rilat flying in from the USA only days prior. We have to thank the Borderline Committee for their effort and willingness to work with us on the night.

It was just so disappointing for everyone but it wasn’t meant to be.” Mandy Searle tells us.

All the stars turned up to run Spuds Show, All Star regulars, Farrer, Lock, Evans, Chris & Paul Solomon, Dalitz just to name a few. Past series champions Caruso & Ely as well as 410 regulars Mollenoyux, Van Ginneken, Tranter, Walker, and Hunter. Popularity and support for Spuds Show grows every year and it was shaping up to be an awesome event but now we will just have to wait until next year and try again.

Chad Ely took out the Oval Express Magazine Quick Time with an 11.541 and Charles Hunter collected a full set of nerf bars for being the Best Presented Car on the night. Thanks to both Oval Express Magazine and Melbourne Stainless Steel for sponsoring these awards.

“At every show we give away Frisbees to kids in the crowd which we still managed to do and the one with the winner’s car number on the back wins a prize. We had a couple of very talented kids come up at the end with their Frisbee with the words “Mother Nature” on the back giving us a laugh. Rain may have beaten the racing but it didn’t beat us having a BBQ, a drink and a laugh for Spud at the end of the night.” Mandy says.

The front wing of the Best Presented car V73 Charles Hunters.


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