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Lock, stock and smoking tires
All Stars Media posted Wednesday April 7, 2021.

On a balmy 30 degree night in front a huge crowd in what can only be described as a nail biter the 30 lap main was won on the last corner of the last lap when popular Phil Lock passed Rusty Hickman to win the G1 Logistics 360 Easter Nationals. The veteran racer used his years of experience sitting back and watching what was playing out ahead of him with SA10 Steven Caruso and V40 Rusty Hickman sliding each other lap after lap for the lead smoking their tires.

Locky was gaining on them both waiting for the right opportunity. Hickmans tires were done and Locky with well-preserved tires drove past him in turn 4 to take the victory. Caruso suffered the same tire wear with Lock passing him the lap prior came home in third. Young gun Todd Moule who had taken out the All Star Series Rising Star Award the night before justified again why he won this award coming home in 4th place.

Paul Solomon who started in P15 drove the wheels off to finish in 5th. A mid battle pack was on with between V7 Paul Solomon, SA3 Ben Morris, V83 Chris Solomon, V6 Cam Waters, V39 Brett Smith, V73 Charles Hunter working his way back and finishing in that order. NSW 46 Stacey Galliford made a return to the series after time off for a couple of years having a family behind Hunter, V91 Dan Scott, VA97 Blake Walsh and VA10 Steven Loader all finishing the race

Brenten Farrer had sustained chassis damage on Friday night and on Saturday the team completely stripped the car, welded and rebuilt to come back Sunday night. Unfortunately in his first heat ended with him heading for the stars down the back straight ending his night with extensive damage. Farrer was shaken but walked away. Mark Caruso tested out the catch fence in turn 3 in his first heat with a wild wall ride. Caruso was winded but with the car still on its wheels continued but had to pull in half a lap later. This was the end of the night for the South Aussie team.

Lining up behind the G1 Logistics Prime Mover Pace Truck the front row looked the same as it did Friday night with Hickman and Lisa Walker. Walker got the start and lead for half race distance. Coming on strong was Charles Hunter who had passed Hickman for second and finally Walker for the lead only to be tagged by S4 turning both cars around and bringing on the yellows. Both cars were restarted but relegated to the rear. Walker pulled in 2 laps later with brake failure.

“What a night and man what a race. The track was superb allowing 2 or more lines of racing; we were 4 wide in the heat races going into turn 2. The crowd were privileged to see some of the best racing this season and that was in all the sections. A big congrats to the team at Timmis Speedway for suppling an excellent race track and a brilliant weekend.” Searle said.
Heat wins – Rusty Hickman, Brenten Farrer, Lisa Walker, Brett Smith, Steve Caruso & Dan Evans

Contingency Winners
Hoosier A Main winner – Phil Lock – WAV RR tire
BF 10 – Charles Hunter = $100 Fuel Card
Fallon Transport Quick Time – Rusty Hickman - $250 cash

Lock, stock and smoking tires


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