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Early scoop on the All Star Challenge.
All Stars Media posted Sunday October 3, 2021.

Already paying out the highest purse in the country for 360 racing the bar has just been raised higher with another $5 Grand on the line for the winner now making it $15K to win.

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series and Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway have steadily built up this event since it originally started back on 16th January 2011 originally starting with $5K to win and a total payout of $18,000 to now more than doubling the payout with $38K up for grabs on the 35 lap main; then throw in $2K in prizes for the B Main and the whole package is up around the $40K mark.

Over the years the show has certainly lived up to its name the ‘Challenge’ and both officials and track curators have had all conditions thrown at them. Promoter Mandy Searle tell us “At our first Challenge we had almost a waterfall off the edge of track with all the rain during the day but to the credit of the Simpson team they managed to give us a race track to run on. Another year we tore down the catch fence and had to declare it because of too much damage.

Then we started attracting the Americans, that was very cool and we were pretty excited that we had got to this level. Kyle Hirst was the first yank to win the show. One year we had persistent drizzly rain that just kept on and on and we tried everything but unfortunately we had to declare the race after only 9 laps with everyone feeling frustrated. Mother Nature won this year. Then we had issues with the weighing of cars.

If anyone had of said to me that we would have to DQ Shane Stewart because of not going to the scales I would have never believed them; Shane & I go way back to World Series days and that night wasn’t one of my fondest memories. Last year we had Covid restrictions as well as rain in the afternoon. So yes the Challenge has certainly lived up to that but one thing is for sure the racing is always next level excitement and I’m hanging out for this seasons show.”

Spread the word and let’s get it out to everyone that the show is going on and will be bigger and better. Make sure you lock in Saturday January 15th 2022, Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway.


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