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Wearing our heart on our sleeve
All Stars Media posted Wednesday June 22, 2022.

360s have been part of the Australian sprintcar history for a many years, starting as a a fledgling new division back in the early to mid 90’s to what it is today, a strong and popular class. With the numbers growing so quickly the first 360 Austtralian Title was introduced in 2004. Run and won at Timmis Speedway, Mildura by Stephen Bell. Accross 4 states 18 more Aussie Titles have been held with – Jamie Cobby, Ryan Jones, Allan Barlee, Tony Moule, Chad Ely, Kayden Manders – just to name a few proud winners.

All of these drivers loyal 360 racers. State Titles have been run and won, too many to mention. Dedicated 360 Series have been introduced in 2 states and multipule Series Champions crowned. The fact is 360s have been competing in Australia for longer than 410s.

The class has had more rule changes than it would have cared for over the years, all supposidely for the betterment of the division but most drivers would disagree with this but the loyalty and dedication of these racers has made them stand strong and still continue to build.

So now we move into another era and another insult for these teams. A couple of years ago the SCCA introduced another engine specification into their rule book and now finally engine rules have now been completed for these. Conversation was had as what to call this new class off engines that had been slotted in under the 360 umbrella in the SCCA Rule Book. The powers to be arrived with the name’ Pro Sprint’s. But whilst doing this in there wisdom they have decided to rebrand 360s also – Pro Sprints. Our first question would be why? Why do 360s have to undergo a name change? Why would the introduction of another engine specification mean 360s have to lose their identity?

Why change the name of a known section that has been successfully running for years? Why change the name of a proven class to incorporate a new division?

One might ask where is the SCCAs support or loyalty to a division that has been racing for almost 30 years. Where is the support of the hundreds and hundreds of competitors that join them each year? Where is the respect for the past 360 Australian Champions and where is the respect for our history?

So yes, we as the Australian 360 All Star Series wear our heart on our sleeves? We are disappointed and question why?


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