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TEH Hard Chargers
Friday March 5, 2021. All Stars Media
Thanks to Transport Equipment Hire for supporting the nightly Hard Charger Award. A couple of gassers that have picked up the award so far are Brenten Farrer in the V34 Frijtek Maxim and Chris Solomon in the V83 Tuckett Motorsport XXX, both drivers are past series champions and renowned for standing on the gas. Another super-star who has won the Hard Charger is Robbie Farr in the V88 Victory Lane Racegear J&J.

TEH already support several teams and this season has come on board with the All Star Series. Thanks TEH and remember for all you transport equipment Hire call 1300 834 000

Hard work at the front
Monday March 1, 2021. All Stars Media
Chris Solomon claimed victory and took out his first A Main win for the season in the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series Saturday night at Timmis Speedway Mildura. The battle for the win between Solomon’s Tuckett Motorsport V83 and Rusty Hickman’s V40 was worth the price of admission alone as they both weaved their way through lap traffic with Solomon stepping up another level and pulled away from Hickman. “It’s so much work being up the front, I can see why I don’t do it very often.’ said the modest Solomon at the post race interview.

Rusty Hickman came home in second with a hard charging SA33 Mark Caruso hot on his tail in the dying laps locking in 3rd. SA10 Steven Caruso was gaining on brother Mark finished in 4th and the V39 Brett Smith with his best result for the season rounding out the top 5.

Heavy hitters lined up on the front row with Hickman in P1 and Mark Caruso beside him. V34 Brenten Farrer lined up in 3rd and V73 Charles Hunter 4th. Hickman got the start but after starting in 5th Solomon was already in 2nd within a lap. Reds were bought on quickly by Hunter hooking a rut in turn 3 and ended up on the wall ending his night. Young hard charger Ben Morris was again showing speed and quickly up into 3rd was next to bring on the yellows leaving VA50 Jesse Nicholas nowhere to go unfortunately ending the night for both of them.

Farrer slipped back in the field at the start but was working his way to the front running the high line but unfortunately was the next casualty of the night flipping hard in Turn 1, he walked away but his car wasn’t as lucky. Local racer and All Star Rookie Jason Bolitho had his best finish for the season in front of his home crowd. Bolitho showing more speed and looking more comfortable in the car each show he runs finished 6th.

VA9 Dan Evans and VA99 Corey Sandow both had promising nights and both appearing to solve the gremlins they have had over the season so far with Evans home in 7th and Sandow home in 9th.

Heat racing was incident free but joy turned quickly into disappointment for young 17 year old charger Todd Moule picking up his second heat win for the season but rolled in for his heat win interview with a hole in the side of his engine which naturally ended the night for the D26 Maxim.
“Racing was hard and fast under difficult conditions but our guys put on a fantastic show for the crowd.” Searle told us at the end of the night

Heat wins – Charles Hunter, Rusty Hickman x 2, and Todd Moule

A Main results: 1st Chris Solomon, 2nd Rusty Hickman, 3rd Mark Caruso, 4th Steven Caruso, 5th Brett Smith, 6th Jason Bolitho, 7th Daniel Evans, 8th Phil Lock, 9th Corey Sandow, 10th Jarman Dalitz, 11th Kristy Ellis, 12th Zac Farrer, 13th Dan Scott- DNF, 14th Brenten Farrer - DNF, 15th Ben Morris – DNF, 16th Jessie Nicholas - DNF, 17th Adam Cullinger – DNF, 18th Jay Brown– DNF, 19th Charles Hunter – DNF

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Jarman Dalitz - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Phil Lock – Vortex Front Wing
Hoosier Hero – Chris Solomon – Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Daniel Evans - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Steven Caruso - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –Jason Bolitho - Fire Extinguisher
TEH Hard Charger – Jarman Dalitz - $100 bonus
BF 10 – Jarman Dalitz - $100 Fuel Card
Oval Express Quick Time overall for Hot Laps – Rusty Hickman - $50 cash

Round 4 – Let’s try again
Thursday February 25, 2021. All Stars Media
On a positive note after the disappointment of having to cancel Nyora’s RD4 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series the other weekend teams didn’t have any maintenance or repairs to do and are ready to go again this Saturday night at Timmis Speedway and with SA borders opening it allows the regular South Aussie teams to travel to Mildura easily.

“Since our opening show at Timmis Speedway in January we have all been looking forward to going back there again, and with all the hard work the committee had put in over the off season both on and off the race track we are keen to see what else has changed. They have a couple of shows under their belt now and I am sure we will see more improvements. My truck is still packed and ready to roll.” Mandy Searle says.

This is also the second of a three round mini-series sponsored by Flocon Engineering. With points based on the A Main for the 3 shows held at Mildura the Flocon Methanol Moonshine Masters pays $2000 to the winner. Teams will have this in the back of their minds as they line up for the A Saturday night.

Currently 23 teams have thrown there hat in the ring and with the depth of talent it really is anyone’s to win. 21 year old Rusty Hickmans V40 J&J has been on the podium at the last three shows and is currently leading the End of Season Championship. His first full time season with the series V73 Charles Hunter gets quicker and quicker each time he hits the track and already locking in a 2nd & 3rd Podium is looking for one step better. All Star Legend Mark Caruso’s SA33 Cool is joined by his brother Steven in the SA10 Cool machine and the brothers don’t show too much ‘brotherly love’ when they put their helmets on. V83 Chris Solomon is the ‘quiet achiever’ but always has his car at the front by the end of the A.

19 year old Ben Morris was pretty busy over the Christmas period and installed a 410 into his J&J running all the major meetings held over the Australia Day weekend. V34 Brenten ‘Smooch’ Farrer placed third at RD1 at Timmis as well as winning the TEH Hard Charger Award and will be looking to improve his results from the last visit to Mildura. VA9 Dan Evans, SA95 Jarman Dalitz,

All Star veteran ‘Farmer Phil’ Lock’s V4, VA91 Dan Scott, V12 Kristy Ellis, D26 young Rookie Todd Moule, locals VA99 Corey Sandow, SA51 Jay Brown & VA52 Jason Bolitho just to name a few are pumped to get more laps on the newly revamped race track.
4WD TV is also visiting the track as part of their filming schedule. The team will have all the vehicles at the track, whilst filming for what will be an episode that will air on &Mate in the coming weeks. “I know it’s not a 4 wheel drive but I wonder if we can get our All Star Pace car included in the footage.” Searle says.

Frisbees and kids giveaways are all back at RD4 this Saturday night – B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway, Mildura. Online tickets thru www.milduraspeedway.com Pre event from 6.00pm with racing starting at 7.00pm.

Flocon Moonshine Masters RD2 with a bonus
Friday February 19, 2021. All Stars Media
After a disappointing weekend last weekend losing a series round the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series is returning to Timmis Speedway, Mildura next Saturday night, 27th February. This will be the second round of the Flocon Moonshine Masters mini-series being held at Timmis this season. With $2K on the line for the winner it is vital that teams in the running have good results and collect more A Main points. Points are based on the A Main only for the 3 shows at Mildura.

“We are also throwing in an added bonus for the show and the A Main purse will now be $1500 to win, plus as always the Hoosier WAV tire. 2nd to 20th will have an extra $50 added to each place. That’s makes 20th place worth $350 to start. We are half way thru the series and we wanted to rev it up a bit for our guys for this one show. We cannot thank Flocon Engineering enough for their support allowing us to make this happen.” an excited Mandy Searle said.

So remember to lock in the date, February 27th Timmis Speedway, Mildura.

All Stars – the secret is out
Tuesday January 5, 2021. Media Release by Speed Café.com author Daniel Herrero
Cameron Waters will make his sprint car debut on home soil this Saturday night, the first of a number of such drives over summer for the Tickford Racing pilot. His maiden start will come at Timmis Speedway in Mildura, where the 26-year-old was born, with around 10 events on the cards this year. The 2020 Bathurst 1000 pole-sitter will drive for Colin McQuinn’s Chief Racing team in a Maxim chassis recently acquired from the McFadden family.

Waters was able to conduct a three-session shakedown run at Timmis Speedway last Sunday evening, and has had success in a sedan before. However, he is conscious of the challenge that competing in the 800-horsepower sprint car represents.

“I’m not underestimating the task ahead one bit and my first run in the car last Sunday was a real eye-opener, despite having had some previous Speedway experience,” said Waters.

“Colin has been wanting to field an entry in Sprint Cars for some time and he has put together a very sound program with quality equipment and experienced personnel, but we know we’re the newbies and expect it to be very tough going this weekend. We’re planning to contest around 10 events this year with a view to a bigger program for 2021/22 and to be making my debut on home soil is actually pretty cool. The track has recently been heavily re-profiled and I’m sure it will provide great racing for the 29-strong Sprint Car field.”

“While this year’s Supercars program remains my absolute point of focus, I will be giving it my all when behind the wheel of my VIC #6, and have to thank Tickford Racing’s team boss Tim Edwards for supporting me with my Sprint Car pursuits. Tim has been enthusiastic from the very outset and said he would even happily jump on the tools at some stage, which is great.”

“I’m so thankful to Colin for giving me this incredible opportunity and also crew chief Lindsay Trotter, who brings a wealth of experienced to the team – both on and off track – while the McFaddens have also been a great with putting the car together and helping make this happen.”

Waters finished second in last year’s Supercars Championship with a run home of four straight podiums including a first solo race win and a second place in the Bathurst 1000.

He will once again drive a Tickford Mustang this coming season.

All Stars celebrate their teams
Wednesday March 4, 2020. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer’s All Star Series were pleased to congratulate their Drivers, Teams and Sponsors at the end of season Presentation Pit Party at Timmis Speedway last Saturday night. A large crowd stayed for the Awards ceremony held at the end of the night. In what has become an All Star tradition the show kicked off with a video presentation highlighting a successful 13th season.

“This is a fantastic way start the formalities and gives the teams a chance to look back and remember what they have achieved over the season. The lay back Pit Party has been a favourite for all our teams over the years so we continue to stick with it. ” Searle says.

And the accolades went to:

H’s Star Award – Colin Jacobi
Best Presented Car & Crew – Mark Caruso
Crew Chief of the Year – Tony Bartlett
Rookie it the Year – Corey Sandow - winning 4 Max Wheels from Max Dumesny Motorsport
Mr Consistency Award – Jarman Dalitz
B K Racing Ti Components 4th place – Paul Solomon – winning a complete custom Ti bolt kit from BK Racing
President’s Award – James Wren – winning a John Vogels Chassis Dyno
Vortex Altitude Award – Mark Caruso - winning an Outlaw Top wing from Vortex Racing Products
Recognition Award – Paul Solomon
Drivers Driver –James Wren
All Star Legend’s – Mark Caruso

Top 7 in the Championship - 1st V29 Michael Tancredi, 2nd VA8 Daniel Evans, 3rd SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 4th SA33 Mark Caruso, 5th V7 Paul Solomon, 6th VA99 Corey Sandow, 7th V16 James Wren

Mark Caruso was inducted into the Hall of Fame with a heartfelt speech by Mandy Searle. “It was a privilege to present this to Mark, when I was compiling information for my speech it reinforced to me how much he has achieved over the years, 2 Series Championships, Runner up by a countback when the points were tied for the Championship another year, Outstanding Achievement Award and many other accolades.
He has now also tied with another Series Legend Tony Moule as having the most feature race wins in the history of the series. His passion for us and 360’s is second to none and is another deserving member to the exclusive Legends Hall of Fame.”

James Wren won the Driver’s Driver Award & the President’s Award. “James was pretty shocked and speechless when his name was called out for what we affectionately call our Phil Lock Award. To be voted as the most respected driver in the series by his peers is a pretty cool honour. He was also voted to take out our new President’s Award acknowledging his contribution & the respect that he has earned within the series.” Searle said.

Also recognised were all the series loyal sponsors and officials some who have also been with us over the past 13 seasons. Without sponsors and officials like these the Series would not be able to run at the level it currently does.

Thanks everyone for a fantastic night and congratulations to everyone!!

Michel Tancredi is your new All Star Series Champion
Monday March 2, 2020. All Stars Media
Michael Tancredi has added his name to the history books as the new Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series Champion for 2019-2020. Tancredi driving the V29 West Coast Concreting/Barry Medew Building Supplies Cool Chassis is now the 11th different name in the 13 seasons the Series has been running.

“Even though it was tight coming into the final round with only a 50 point margin from Daniel Evans after Time Trials and Heats Michael only had to start the A Main to pick up the No 1 spot. We kept that quiet but I think the team had already figured it out when the points went on the board before the A. Dan put up a strong fight all night but he just couldn’t manage to secure enough points early in the night.” Searle told us yesterday.

Team Tancredi hurt an engine at RD 9 at Waikerie which added additional pressure to them only giving them a short time to make sure the replacement was strong enough going into the last round. With 2 A Main wins under his belt and with consistency all season it paid off for him. Guru Crew Chief Tony Bartlett was on the tools and the team worked well together settling Tancredi’s ‘hammer down’ driving style to make him more consistent. Anthony & Locky worked hard in the shed all season and Don and the boys turning up on race nights added additional support throughout the season. “Racing for points is hard, it’s not how I race, I like racing hard and fast and putting it all on the line. The last 3 – 4 shows have been hard trying to slow down and just take it home.

It paid off in the end giving us the result we wanted at the end of the day. Again I’ll say it, a big Congratulations to all the boys, I can’t do it without them. I get to hold these trophies but we all hold them together, were a team at the end of the day and that’s what it is all about.” an elated and relieved Tancredi said at his post-race interview.

VA8 Daniel Evans came home in 2nd overall driving the Shaun McClure owned Viking Projects, MPO Maxim out of Mildura. With a deal put together only a couple of weeks before the season started and only originally intending to do a couple of shows the team pushed on and the end results showed for them rewarding them with a 2nd overall place.

Jarman Dalitz in the SA95 Cartel Equipment / Albanesi Concreting Cool came home strongly towards the end of the season securing him a third place overall. Dalitz confidence built grew every time he hit the track and the team were rewarded for all their hard work with this great result in 3rd place overall.

7 contracted teams locked in the top 7 placings with 1st Michael Tancredi - 3950, 2nd Dan Evans - 3901, 3rd Jarman Dalitz - 3837, 4th Mark Caruso - 3746, 5th Paul Solomon – 3318, 6th Corey Sandow - 3108 and 7th James Wren - 2957

Congratulations to all the teams that ran with the season. 10 rounds is a huge commitment making them all true All Stars. We now have another deserving winner to lock into the record books.

Caruso’s streaks away in the Sunraysia.
Sunday March 1, 2020. All Stars Media
SA33 Mark Caruso finished on a high last night wining the final round of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series, but in whilst doing so handed over his Series Championship Title to Michael Tancredi.

Caruso almost clean sweeped the night winning the Oval Express Magazine Quick Tie Award, winning a heat, Pole Shoot Out and the 30 laps final by half a straight. Standing on the podium beside him again was brother Steven in 2nd and Mr Consistency Jarman Dalitz 3rd, SA96 Brendan Guerin 4th and V7 Paul Solomon rounded out the Top 5.

Mark Caruso and Dan Evans lined up on the front row for the A after fighting it out in the Pole Shoot Out. Having his first night back with the 360 SA37 Terry Kelly started in 3 and SA10 Steve Caruso 4th. Caruso got the start but Evans quickly hunted him down and started threatening for the lead.

The only red of the night was bought on shortly after with Evans and V49 Ricky Clarke both rolling in Turn 1. Unfortunately both were unable to restart, the dejection obvious on Evans face as this also ended his Championship battle. After looking quick, Kelly had to join them infield a few laps later with a mechanical issue. V16 James Wren bought on the yellows on lap 14 after a bolt from the steering arm broke and put him into the wall.

The race then ran non-stop with Mark Caruso never threatened, however Steve Caruso, Jarman Dalitz and Brenden Guerin kept the large crowd entertained fighting for the remaining podium positions. SA3 young Ben Morris had a strong night up into 3rd at one stage but had to pull in in the dying stages of the race with flat left rear.

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award (for the fifth time this season) SA33 Mark Caruso – 13.649

Heat races wins went to – Dan Evans, Paul Solomon, Mark Caruso & Terry Kelly

A Main results: - 1st SA33 Mark Caruso, 2nd SA10 Steven Caruso, 3rd SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 4th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 5th V7 Paul Solomon, 6th VA91 Dan Scott, 7th V29 Michael Tancredi, 8th SA51 Jay Brown, 9th NT4 Jamie McInnes, 10th SA3 Ben Morris-DNF, 11th V16 James Wren-DNF, 12th SA37 Terry Kelly, 13th SA36 Clint Warner-DNF, 14th VA8 Dan Evans-DNF, 15th V49 Ricky Clarke-DNF, 16th VA99 Corey Sandow-DNF.

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Clint Warner - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Jay Brown – Vortex front wing
Hoosier Hero – Mark Caruso– Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Michael Tancredi - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Ben Morris - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –Paul Solomon- Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Jamie McInnes
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Brendan Guerin

Ryan stars in the Riverland
Monday February 17, 2020. All Stars Media
After a mid-week call from Scott Perrett asking if he would like to run the car at Waikerie Ryan Jones and the PFR team parked the car in Victory Lane. “Every time we hit the race track we showed improvement, Michael made the right adjustments and by the end of the night I think we had the fastest car here and it showed.

I can’t thank the track guys enough Chris Evans and all those that chipped in, we actually had a racy track, we had a couple of groves to move around and I think it showed there was some good speed and everyone seemed pretty happy with it.” Jones said as part of his post-race interview.

Last night’s RD 9 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series saw VA8 Dan Evans take out high points to line up in P1 and SA33 Mr. Quick Time Mark Caruso beside him in 2. V29 Michael Tancredi & SA98 Jones behind in 3 & 4. After a traditional salute to the crowd Caruso took the lead with Evans, Jones & Tancredi in line behind.

After only a few laps the yellows were bought on by SA36 Clint Warner. At the restart Tancredi’s engine expired not allowing him to accelerate; behind him young Ben Morris and Steven Caruso both pulled wheel stands but avoided any carnage. Caruso again led the start with Jones quickly up into 2nd and a couple of laps later managed to drive past Caruso for the lead.

Mid race a red was called so the Ambulance could attend an incident in the pits, fortunately it was not serious and the race could get back under way after a short delay. Jones lead comfortably the remainder of laps but in the meantime SA95 Jarman Dalitz was coming on strong after starting in P8 and in the dying laps passed Caruso for second. SA10 Steven Caruso finished in 4th and V16 James Wren taking out 5th.

With his first hit out with the series this season young charger Ben Morris had a strong result in the SA3 coming home in 6th. SA42 Jamie Hendry was please to survive his hoodoo track bring his care home safely for 7th. Darwin local Jamie McInness after flying in on Friday for the show was consistent finishing 8th. VA8 Dan Evans was the last car home.

The series now has a weekend of R&R to recoup, rebuild and recharge for the final round being held at Timmis Speedway, Mildura on 29th February.

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award (for the fourth time this season) SA33 Mark Caruso – 13.649 Heat races wins went to –Mark Caruso, Dan Evans, Michael Tancredi & Ryan Jones

A Main results: - 1st SA98 Ryan Jones, 2nd SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 3rd SA33 Mark Caruso, 4th SA10 Steven Caruso, 5th V16 James Wren, 6th SA3 Ben Morris, 7th SA42 Jamie Hendry, 8th NT4 Jamie McInness, 9th VA8 Dan Evans, 10th SA36 Clint Warner-DNF, 11th V29 Michael Tancredi-DNF, 12th SA51 Jay Brown-DNF, 13th VA99 Corey Sandow.

Contingency Winners

IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Jarman Dalitz - $100 cash

Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Jamie McInness – Vortex front wing

Hoosier Hero – Ryan Jones– Hoosier WAV tyre

Flocon Lucky 7 – Jamie Hendry - $100 cash

Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – not won - $200 cash

All Star Hot Arse Award –Corey Sandow- Fire Extinguisher

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine

Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Dan Evans

BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Steve Caruso

Time to visit the Riverland
Thursday February 13, 2020. All Stars Media
It’s a tiny town of only 3,000 but Waikerie in SA have a dedicated sport loving population and Sunline Speedway is supported well by the locals. This Saturday night will no doubt be the same as it is the opening night for their 2020 season.

It also is the only night the All Stars will visit the small bull ring in its final South Aussie swing this season. RD 9 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series is good to go this Saturday night 15th February.

Defending Series Champ Mark Caruso’s SA33 will be joined by his brother Steve in his SA10. The brothers are used to competing against each other as they battle wheels at Murray Bridge quite regularly. ‘And when we say battle wheels we really mean just that – you should have seen them at the Pole Shoot Out at Mildura a few weeks ago- neither was going to give an inch. ” Promoter Searle tells us.

Michael Tancredi is currently leading the Championship and with only 2 rounds left will be looking for a strong result. Local home track favourite Dan Evans is still in the VA8 McClure owned deal. Evans hasn’t taken out a feature win so far this season but with his experience at Sunline this night might be the one. SA95 Jarman Dalitz has quietly slipped up into 3rd place in the series with V7 ‘Cyclone’ Paul Solomon only 1 point behind him in 4th.
Solomon has been fast as every round. Ryan Jones steps out with the series for the first time this season driving the Perrett Family Racing SA98. All Star regulars V16 James Wren & VA99 Corey Sandow, NT4 Jamie McInness has made the trip down from Darwin, SA42 Jamie Hendry & rookie SA51 Jay Brown will all be looking for solid results. “It’s only a small field but definitely a quality field and the locals can guarantee to see plenty of hard fast racing.” Searle says,

On track action starts at 5.00 – Sunline Speedway, Waikerie. SA

Farrer finds form
Sunday February 9, 2020. All Stars Media
Last night’s RD 8 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series saw Brenten Farrer in the Porker Transport VA27 take out his first A Main win for the season. Farrer dominated the night winning the Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award, winning a heat as well as the Pole Shoot Out.

“It was a racy track you could go top, bottom, where ever you wanted, you could race here every weekend with a track like that. The car was a dream to drive, I could put it anywhere and I wasn’t saying no to those restarts and I didn’t mind the clean air. I have to thank Porkers Transport from Wangaratta, it’s their car and we just put the deal together on Tuesday for me to drive it so I just rocked up with my race bag. Thanks to Mum, Dad and all the crew, we all put our heads together and that thing was an armchair ride.” Farrer said at the post race presentations.

VA27 Farrer and NT 7 Reed lined up on the front row of the A with Farrer getting the lead from Reed with VA8 Evans and SA 11 Enderl running 3rd and 4th. The shear sped of the lead cars showed as they got into lap traffic only a few laps into the main. SA95 Jarman Dalitz bought on the yellows in early stages in T4. At the restart Tancredi was moved up into 4th allocating Enderl back 1 position with V7 Paul Solomon, V4 Phil Lock and V78 Chris Campbell rounding out the top 8. Reds were bought out by Matt Reed riding the wall in T4 landing back on his wheels.

The huge impact forced Reed to retire for the remainder of the race. After showing speed all night Farmer Phil was shattered as his engine expired half race distance. Team Lock had only returned after sitting out a couple of shows earlier this season waiting to get there engine rebuilt. Campbell, Paul Solomon, Brett Smith, Steve Loader, Mark Caruso & David Donegan were all having their own dice for mid pack positions.
3 laps to go Enderl powered around the outside of Tancredi up into P3 with Campbell moving up to 5th. As the chequers were waving V39 Brett Smith rode a front wheel of young Ricky Clarke sending Smith flipping around T4 finishing unceremoniously toward the finish line but not quite getting there landing hard upside down. Fortunately both were unhurt but not the way they wanted to finish the night.

With a strong field of 23 cars the night was action packed. Heavy rain soaked the venue the day before but with hard work by the Moama track crew and plenty of wheel packing and hot laps the track was bought back to become very racy which allowed passing anywhere on it.

Heat races were relatively incident free and wins went to –Brenten Farrer, Scott Enderl, David Donegan and Jarman Dalitz.

A Main results: - 1st VA27 Brenten Farrer, 2nd VA8 Dan Evans, 3rd SA11 Scott Enderl, 4th V29 Michael Tancredi, 5th V78 Chris Campbell, 6th V7 Paul Solomon, 7th SA33 Mark Caruso, 8th VA10 Steve Loader, 9th VA75 David Donegan, 10th VA99 Corey Sandow, 11th SA51 Jay Brown, 12th VA65 Brett Kuypers, 13th V49 Ricky Clarke-DNF, 14th V39 Brett Smith-DNF, 15th V4 Phil Lock-DNF, 16th NT7 Matt Reed-DNF, 17th SA95 Jarman Dalitz-DNF, 18th V16 James Wren-DNF, 19th VA2 Boyd Harris – DNF

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – B J Harris - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Steve Loader – Vortex front wing
Hoosier Hero – Brenten Farrer– Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Mark Caruso - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Mark Caruso - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –James Wren - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Brenten Farrer – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Brett Kuypers
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Michael Tancredi

All Star Challenge 2020 10th anniversary
Friday February 7, 2020. All Stars Media
All Star Challenge 2020 10th anniversary video
All Stars back at Heartland
Thursday February 6, 2020. All Stars Media
After another weekend sitting on the side lines due to weather the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series will now kick off their final swing for 2020 this Saturday night February 8th for Round 8 at Heartland Raceway, Moama. “Last weekend was the 2nd wash out this season and we are hoping we won’t get any more”. Promoter Searle tells us.

The Series Championship starts to get even more serious and there are only 3 more rounds to secure points. 152 points between the top 5 Saturday night will be even more critical to the teams. Currently leading the championship is V29 Michael Tancredi with 2480. 2nd VA8 Dan Evans - 2413, 3rd SA95 Jarman Dalitz - 2373, 4th V7 Paul Solomon - 2340 and 5th is defending series champ SA33 Mark Caruso on 2328.

Michael Tancredi was the A Main victor when the series visited Heartland last year and would be pumped to do it again. Dan Evans has settled well into the VA8 Shaun McClure owned team and is finding his feet and had a great result in the 40 car international field at the All Star Challenge held recently.

‘Cyclone’ Solomon’s V7 has been running both his 410 and 360 through the season and getting more confident each show, while his young brother Chris is also back with the Series after rebuilding his 360 engine. Chris in his V83 has been getting great results in the SRA Eureka Sheds & Garages Series this season.

Young South Aussie Jarman Dalitz has been smooth and consistent all season and it shows as he works his way up the Championship point’s ladder. Caruso took out the win at Mildura in December helping him forget the gremlins the weekend before and has also picked up 3 Oval Express Magazines Quick Time Awards this season. Mr Speed Matt Reed takes the wheel again in the 24/7 Motorsport NT7.

All Star ‘Brat Pack’ V75 Mitch Smith; SA32 Ben Gartner & V49 Ricky Clarke are all hard chargers with bright futures. All Star Legend ‘Farmer’ Phil Lock is back and keen to get good results. Lock hurt his engine at Moama last year and it forced the team out for 2 meetings. V16 James Wren and 410 regular’s V39 Brett Smith & VA75 David Donegan, rookies VA99 Corey Sandow & VA10 Steven Loader are a few others to top the field off and we can guarantee that the racing will be hard, fast & furious.

On track action starts at 6.00 – Heartland Raceway, Moama. NSW

The rain wins
Saturday February 1, 2020. All Stars Media
Unfortunately the committee at Blue Ribbon Raceway have assessed the conditions and have decided to cancel tonight. All of the venue is wet and with the forecast of more rain today we have no hope of getting it done. So far this season shows in 6, rain outs 2.

We now move on to Heartland Raceway next Saturday.

All Stars return to Blue Ribbon Raceway
Thursday January 30, 2020. All Stars Media
Kicking off for 2020 the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series returns to Blue Ribbon Raceway this Saturday night February 1st for Round 7.

The Series Championship now starts to get even more serious and with only 152 points between the top 5 Saturday night will be even more critical to the teams. Currently leading the championship is V29 Michael Tancredi with 2480. 2nd VA8 Dan Evans - 2413, 3rd SA95 Jarman Dalitz - 2373, 4th V7 Paul Solomon - 2340 and 5th is defending series champ SA33 Mark Caruso on 2328.

Tancredi stood on the top step when the series visited Horsham last year and would be pumped to do the same again. Dan Evans is settling well into the VA8 Shaun McClure owned team but it takes a few shows to get the feel of a different car and a new team but Evans is finding his feet and more speed each time he hits the track. ‘Cyclone’ Solomon ran at last weekend’s Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic qualifying into the B Main and swaps his 410 car for the 360 car in the trailer for this weekend.

Young South Aussie Jarman Dalitz has been smooth and consistent all season and it shows as he works his way up the Championship points ladder. SA33 Mark Caruso is looking to improve his results from his first visit to Horsham after an ill handling car caused him problems all night. Caruso took out the win at Mildura in December helping him forget the gremlins the weekend before and has also picked up 3 Oval Express Magazines Quick Time Awards this season.

Hard charging young guns V75 Mitch Smith; SA32 Ben Gartner & V49 Ricky Clarke are representing the All Star ‘Brat Pack’. Driving down from the Northern Territory the NT4 team of Jamie McInnes will be having his second run this season. McInnes is leaving his car and transporter based in Victoria and flying in and out to pick up selected shows. All Star Legend ‘Farmer’ Phil Lock is back after missing the last round at Horsham with engine issues.

Team Lock were gutted to miss 2 rounds of the series after previously only missing one for the past 12 seasons. Rookies VA99 Corey Sandow, VA10 Steven Loader & SA51 Jay Brown are also making the trip to the Wimmera district. Throw in V16 James Wren, SA11 Scott Enderl and 410 regulars SA10 Steven Caruso and V39 Brett Smith to top the field off and we can guarantee that the racing will he hard, fast & furious.

On track action starts at 6.30 – Blue Ribbon Raceway, 1650 Blue Ribbon Road, Kalkee

An almost perfect night
Sunday January 19, 2020. All Stars Media
In what can only be described as a fairy tale finish for the Perrett Family Racing/Adrad/Green team with young 20 year old American Kalib Henry taking out the $10K.

Greens crew made the overnight drive from Sydney on Friday as soon as Valvoline Raceway was washed out. Arriving in Warrnambool at 4.00am the team got a couple of hours shut eye then proceeded to swap their engine from the 410 to a 360 and head to the track. “I’m still trying to catch my breath; it seems a little bit surreal. I have to thank all the team and without them I wouldn’t even be in this great country. I love racing with Tim, he is a hard racer, he will give you an inch but that’s about all and you have to take it when it’s there cause he won’t give it to you again.

I’ve grown up looking up to Tim same with Shane and Tim Shaffer. Being able to race with some of my idols let alone run up the front with them. It sucked that Valvoline got rained out but I guess it played out in our favour tonight” Henry said at his post-race interview.

In front of a packed house at Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway drivers put on an absolute clinic for 35 laps of the All Star Challenge. USA6 Kaeding and USA3 Stewart lined up on the front row with the two 29’s behind them, VA29 Milburn and V29 Tancredi in 3 and 4. USA4 Henry started 5th with V90 McCullagh 6th. Kaeding got the start but the yellows were to be bought on after 1 lap by a spinning car. At the restart USA19 Shaffer had already worked his way up to 4th from 7th. Kaeding continued to lead but when lap traffic came into play positions started to change.

Stewart lost 2nd to Henry and the contest was on for the lead. Henry and TK exchanged positions a couple of times but when the reds came on at two thirds race distance that allowed Henry to get the run at the restart. TK gave it his all banging his right rear wheel hard against the concrete wall and throwing the car in as hard as he could to make a move on the youngster until he just ran out of laps and the race way over.
Tim Shaffer came across the line in third only meters from the leaders. Matt Reed in the NT7 was no doubt the hard charger of the night after qualifying from the B Main to finish 4th. After losing some ground Shane Stewart worked his way back up to 5th. V60 Jordyn Charge, V83 Chris Solomon V34 Brenten Farrer next in line. Unfortunately Kaeding, Shaffer and Stewart did not go to the infield to weigh at the mandatory top 5 post race weigh in and therefore had to be penalised.

Simpson are known for providing a fantastic race track that allows for passing and slide jobs, also not wearing tyres and last night was no different. Hats off to them for providing a fantastic race track, with a record car count for the show fans got to enjoy nail biting racing to celebrate the running of the 10th All Star Challenge.

Heat wins went to –Kaeding, Evans, Milburn, Stewart, Smith, Dalitz, Guerin and Ely

A Main results: - 1st USA4 Kalib Henry, 2nd NT7 Mathew Reed, 3rd V60 Jordyn Charge, 4th V83 Chris Solomon, 5th V34 Brenten Farrer, 6th v70 John Vogels, 7th VA8 Dan Evans, 8th V7 Paul Solomon 9th SA95 Jarman Dalitz 10th SA22 Chad Ely, 11th V29 Michael Tancredi, 12th V39 Brett Smith, 13th SA11 Scott Enderl, 14th VA29 Brett Milburn-DNF, 15th SA14 Brendan Quinn-DNF, 16th V90 Corey McCullagh, 17th SA96 Brendan Guerin-DNF, 18th USA6 Tim Kaeding, 19th USA19 Tim Shaffer, 20th USA3 Shane Stewart

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw –- $100 cash, Jarman Dalitz
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Paul Solomon, Vortex Front Wing
Hoosier Hero – Kalib Henry– Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Dan Evans - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – not won - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –John Vogels - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Tim Kaeding – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Scott Enderl
BK Racing Ti Components - Chris Solomon

The USA’s ‘Steel City Outlaw’ Tim Shaffer
Friday January 17, 2020. All Stars Media
Brad Keller Racing is making the overnight drive from NSW to Simpson to compete in the All Star Challenge.

Another name added on short notice after the cancellation of Valvoline Raceway’s who has managed to source a 360 and come and have a go at the $10K to win show. Driving for Keller Racing is none other than the ‘Steel City Outlaw’ Tim Shaffer. Shaffer only flew into Australia this week and they planned on racing in Sydney this weekend and the Classic week but the weather had other plans for them.

So now the Shaffer gets to check out Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway for his first race in Australia. Shaffer is one of the worlds most respected & accomplished sprintcar drivers having won the Knoxville Nationals in 2010 and many other major events including the $100,000 to win Sprintcar World Championship at Mansfield Speedway in 2018.

“What can I say? Wow…. I am a bit speechless. Thanks to Brad who managed to make this happen. And source probably the last 360 lease engine around. Brad raced with us last season at the Spud Show at the Mount in Jack Gartner’s car. He really got the thing flying. What a privilege to have Tim Shaffer run with us.” A very surprised Mandy Searle told us.

So if you weren’t sure about it now you should be. Make the trip to Simpson for tomorrow nights All Star Challenge - if two teams can drive from Sydney and change engines then you can get there too.

A late breaking entry
Thursday January 16, 2020. All Stars Media
With the 10th running of the All Star Challenge only 3 days away Corey McCullagh is the latest to throw his hat in the ring to compete in the show.
McCullagh has done a deal with West Australia based Mat Muir and is using Muir’s 360 for the night. “We are rapt to have Corey compete with us, what many people probably don’t remember is that Corey started his sprintcar career with us.
He ran off and on for 4 seasons before purchasing a 410. His highest placing in the All Star Challenge was 4th back in 2015.

Since then he has picked up many wins including the Grand Annual Classic and most recently taking out the A at Avalon last weekend. He really is a talented driver with an awesome family and it’s great to have him back racing with us.

The South West Conveyancing, Owen built Homes V90 is certainly a bonus.” Searle said.
Another name to add to the already star studded list. This Saturday 18th January at Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway in case you didn’t already know. Pit Party from 2.30, on track at 5.00

A record field of stars
Wednesday January 15, 2020. All Stars Media
A record car count is set for the 10th anniversary of the Annual 360 Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge as the countdown to Saturday’s show at Heytesbury Stockfeed Simpson Speedway is almost over. $10K is on the line for the winner and the opportunity to lock their name into the history books.

Last year’s winner Tim Kaeding is back to try and make it 2 out of 2. Kaeding lands in the country on Thursday allowing him a couple of days to get comfortable in the seat. Driving for Wayne Cole the USA6 team are using the same car at the Classic but with a leased Ostrich Engines 360 slotted in. Also flying in only a day before is Shane Stewart. Stewart has been secured by Dickinson Motorsport in the Brighton Volkswagen V3 to compete in the All Star Challenge the Classic.
Stewart was competing in WA over the Christmas period but flew back home for a short period. The 5 time 360 Knoxville Nationals Champ , 2 time ASCS Series National Champ, Grand Annual Classic winner just to list a few of his achievements will get to test his skills at the little bull ring at Simpson.

2 past winners are returning to try and get their second win of the prestigious event and pick up the money of course. VIC 70 John Vogels and Matt Reed has picked up the ride of the NT7 24/7 Motorsports Team. Both Vogels and Reed are hard chargers with years of experience behind both of them; but with Vogels being the local home town favourite you will hear the applause from Colac if he wins. For the record there has never been a repeat winner of the race.

Recently crowned King of the River and reigning Series Champ SA33 Mark Caruso and V29 Michael Tancredi have both been dominate this season and will be thinking of more than just the Challenge and want to secure more points for the Series Championship battle.

SA8 Terry Pitt has already picked up a series win this season is making his first trip to Simpson. V7 Paul Solomon has been fast in his 410 finishing 6th last weekend at Avalon. NT26 Tony Moule, V83 Chris Solomon and V75 Mitch Smith also ran with the 410s at Avalon last weekend allowing him to get more laps under their belts. After sitting out of his own car for a while Chad Ely makes a return in his SA22, the past series champ flew to Brisbane recently and subbed for Q59 Kevin Pitman and is always a charger.

TVG has secured a 360 power plant for the night as well as SRA regulars Brett Milburn, Brenten Farrer, Brendan Quinn, Brayden Parr, while David Donegan, Troy Hose, Jordyn Charge , Brett Smith have all installed their 360 engines after running 410 shows earlier in the season. “What a cool honour it will be for our All Star contracted teams – Evans, Guerin, Lock, Dalitz, Wren, Loader, Sandow to race with all of these guys. A life time experience for them.” Says Mandy Searle.

With teams travelling from 5 states of Australia and the USA and a record car count it is going to be one hell of a show. If you’re looking for an action packed Saturday night the place to be is Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway for the All Star Challenge where the racing will hard and fast.

The stakes just got higher
Saturday January 11, 2020. All Stars Media
Leaving his official nomination to almost the last minute Wayne Cole confirmed today that Tim Kaeding will be running at the All Star Challenge. TK took out the money last year after a nail biting race that everyone remembers between himself and Gio Scelzi. Kaeding has run for Cole over the past couple of years at the Classic.
The Nelson Asphalting, Yarra Valley Towing, Fitzgerald Builders, Mecca Electrical VA6 ART will now pick up a 360 show to the list of 410 events. After a successful season in the States teaming up in a 2 car team with Jason Sides Kaeding picked up some excellent WOO results also claiming a prestigious 4thplace in the 410 Knoxville Nationals.

“TK told me he would be back again this year for the show but everything still had to line up right for this to happen, and fortunately for us and the spectators it has. Securing an engine was the biggest hold up but the team now have it sorted. He is such a character both on and off the race track and now we get to see him wheel it against another true legend in Shane Stewart.
TK puts on a show and we are very excited to have him back with us; roll on the 18th” said Searle
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge at Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway January 18 2020

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