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Two out of three isn’t bad
Monday December 10, 2018. All Stars Media
SA44 Dan Evans in the Evans Transport Maxim won his second 360 South Australian Title Saturday night at Sunline Speedway for RD 4 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series. At only 22 years of age Daniel has won two out of the last three S.A Title’s.

At such a young age to be recording these results shows the
talent Evans has. It was also Evans second Series feature win for the season after locking in RD 1 at Timmis Speedway.

Evans and Mark Caruso’s SA33 Cool lined up on the front row of the A with Caruso getting the start and leading for the first couple of laps. Unfortunately Caruso spun; Evans, Guerin & Lovegrove who were also running at the front avoided the incident but left WA30 Jamie Landrigan with nowhere to go and ended his night. The travelling West Australian was disappointed but casually commented – “that’s racing”; but still a disappointment for all the team that travelled from Port Headland to compete.

Caruso received top wing and rear nerf damage but was able to continue. At the same time the current series point’s leader V29 Michael Tancredi had a flat left rear which ended his race. SA96 Brendan Guerin put in a solid run locking in second place, with SA90 Michael Lovegrove home in third, SA8 Terry Pitt fourth and SA95 Jarmin Dalitz rounding out the top 5.

SA42 Jamie Hendry broke his Sunline luck with a solid 6th position. In the past Hendry hasn’t managed to get any good results at Sunline and 6th would certainly be a confidence boost to him. Another to have had a Waikerie curse is SA69 Cody Atkins and he too managed to finish the night without any damage. Caruso handled his ill handling car for 27 laps to finish in 9th and in doing do lock up some more points towards the championship.

Again weather played havoc with the night with temperatures in the mid 40’s throughout the week and winds to almost match. Then the rain clouds arrived just after Time trials forcing the venue to rework the race track before any other racing could be carried out. This was completed and the night recommenced but rain threatened all night forcing everyone to hustle around these conditions and team running to the best of their ability.

Heat wins – Jamie Landrigan, Dan Evans, Jarman Dalitz, and Michael Lovegrove
A Main results: 1st SA44 Dan Evans, 2nd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 3rd SA90 Michael Lovegrove, 4th SA8 Terry Pitt, 5th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 6th SA42 Jamie Hendry, 7th V4 Phil Lock, 8th V16 James Wren, 9th SA33 Mark Caruso, 10th SA69 Cody Atkins, 11th SA91 Michael Fox 12th V29 Michael Tancredi, 13th VA2 BJ Harris, 14th WA30 Jamie Landrigan, 15th SA98 Cheian Perrett

Points for the West Coast Concreting King of the River: 1st V29 Tancredi-1059, 2nd SA44 Dan Evans - 1058, 3rd SA96 Brendan Guerin – 1054 4th SA33 Mark Caruso - 1052, 5th V4 Phil Lock - 1044, 6th SA95 Jarman Dalitz – 1036, 7th V16 James Wren – 1030 8th VA2 Boyd Harris - 992

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Michael Fox - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – James Wren
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Cody Atkins $400 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –- Fire Extinguisher - Jamie Landrigan
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Brendan Guerin – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Michael Fox
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Terry Pitt

S.A 360 Title time
Thursday December 6, 2018. All Stars Media
After a two weekend layoff the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series head to the Riverland region of South Australia for RD4 at Sunline Speedway, Waikerie this Saturday night. “Over the past 3 shows we have travelled to S.A, Victoria & N.S.W all following the Murray River and are now heading back into SA again.
These shows are all part of our West Coast Concreting King of the River mini-series. Yes it’s a bit of travelling but we hope the couple of weekends off have given all our teams a chance to freshen up and catch up on whatever needed catching up on.” Mandy Searle says.
Saturday night’s show will also incorporate the South Australian 360 Sprintcar Title and with a $1500 purse for the winner, second paying $1100 and third $900 it is pretty good incentive for the teams. “The South Australian Sprintcar Club have sourced additional sponsors for the show and thanks must be given to All States Auditing & Accreditation and Maxwill Racing Engines for coming on board to help out.” says Searle.

Michael Tancredi’s V29 is showing a lot of speed under the wing of Crew Chief Guru Tony Bartlett will have his second run at Sunline. Tancredi has been on the podium twice already but he would love to take out the South Australian Championship and add to his collection of State title wins. Mark Caruso has slotted his 360 back in after running his 410ci engine last weekend at Murray Bridge. Caruso’s calculated driving style ensures he is always at the front of the field at the end of the feature. SA44 Daniel Evans is another that has shown increased speed this season and was unfortunate not to finish with engine failure while easily leading at Heartland in RD3. Hard charging Brendan Guerin’s SA96 is quite capable of winning, the same goes for SA90 Michael Lovegrove.
West Australian Jamie Landrigan and crew have made the trek across the Nullarbor to compete again. Landrigan actually lives in Port Hedland so it’s a long 4,000k trip for them. Landrigan ran last season at Waikerie and liked the little track so has made the trip back. Don’t rule out James Wrens V16, Jarman Dalitz SA95, Cody Atkins SA69, SA42 Jamie Hendry, SA8 Terry Pitt just to name a few more.
A strong field of 18 cars will test their skill around the small 360mtr track and with it being 12 months since they last raced their no one will have a home track advantage. This is the opening show for Sunline for the season and they can be assured that the All Stars will put on some close and exciting racing for the night.
Racing from 5.00pm Sunline Speedway, Waikerie. SA

The Master and his Apprentice
Sunday November 18, 2018. All Stars Media
After a nasty crash at Premier Speedway a couple of weeks ago that hospitalised Matthew Reed he returned with a recently purchased 360 power plant to run RD 3 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series at Heartland Raceway.
Reed & Crew (Dad & Pete) worked hard over the last couple of weeks repairing and rebuilding and their work paid off by taking out the A Main win.
Reeds long time involvement with the In Charge Racing Team and mentoring of young Jordyn also paid off as the pair got to share the stage with Jordyn coming home in 3rd. An elated Reed said “I worked the highline and was surprised that they kept letting me through. I had nothing to lose; I started out of 8 and was 2nd on the back straight. They must have watered the top and the car just stuck there. No one moved up and took the lane so I just stayed, that got us into that position. I was never going to catch Dan and it was bad luck for him not to finish.
Leading the race for 23 of the 25 laps was SA44 Dan Evans unfortunately his engine expired leaving him absolutely gutted and sitting on the infield. Evans was strong all night starting out by taking out the Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award with a 14.855.
He also picked up a heat win and lined up on outside Pole for the Main. Evans had a strong lead on the field and was looking like he would take out the win with ease until his engine decided otherwise.
After a penalty at the start of the A SA33 Mark Caruso worked his way up from 20th into 5th position. Caruso was also fast all night and after damaging their engine at Murray Bridge last Saturday had to lease an engine to make it to Moama. Current Series Champ Paul Solomon made a return for Moama and with their newly built coil over car the V7 machine locked in a 2nd place.
V29 Michael Tancredi came home just short of the podium in 4th place.
The race track proved challenging for teams after the hot wind & weather played havoc in the afternoon and sealed over early in the night. “Unfortunately the track took rubber and wore tires. We cut the distance of the A from 30 laps to 25 to ensure teams would make the distance. Not a choice we make easily but we felt it was the right one last night.
We run at Moama regularly and last season had the best tracks provided to us. Sometimes the elements make things difficult at times and we just have to deal with it the best way we can.” Searle said.

Points for the West Coast Concreting King of the River: 1st V29 Tancredi-809, 2nd SA33 Caruso-796, tied on 3rd SA96 Guerin & V4 Lock-784, 5th SA44 Evans-783, 6th SA95 Dalitz & V16 Wren-772,8th V33 Holt-746, 9th VA2 Boyd-744,10th VA8 McClure-738, 11th V50 Clarke-720

Heat wins – Dan Evans, Brendan Guerin, Mark Caruso, and Eddie Lumbar
A Main results: 1st Matthew Reed, 2nd Paul Solomon, 3rd Jordyn Charge, 4th Michael Tancredi, 5th Mark Caruso, 6th Phil Lock, 7th James Wren, 8th Brendan Guerin, 9th Eddie Lumbar, 10th Chris Solomon, 11th Michael Holt, 12th Jarmin Dalitz, 13th Shaun McClure, 14th Anthony Foster, 15th Boyd Harris, 16th Darren Clarke, 17th Daniel Evans-DNF, 18th James Aronyosi -DNF 19th Chris Campbell-DNF.

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Michael Tancredi - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Brendan Guerin
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Not won jackpot to $400
All Star Hot Arse Award –Michael Holt - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Dan Evans – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Darren Clarke
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Michael Tancredi

All Stars hit NSW for the first time this season
Thursday November 15, 2018. All Stars Media
The West Coast Concreting King of the River starts to take shape with Round 3 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series this Saturday night at Heartland Raceway, Moama; with a solid field of 23 cars contesting the big half mile oval for the first time this season.
Currently King of the River points are tied for 1st between SA44 Daniel vans and V29 Michael Tancredi with 543, next is SA33 Mark Caruso – 532, SA96 Brendan Guerin – 526 and V4 Phil Lock – 522 rounding out the top 5. Only 21 points difference between the top 5. $2500 on the line for the winner points for the A Main will be very important from now on.
Tancredi goes into the round with confidence after taking out the win last weekend at Murray Bridge Speedway. “I absolutely love Moama, it is one of my favourite tracks and I’m really looking forward to getting there.” said Tancredi at the Presentation last Saturday night. SA33 Mark Caruso will have a score to settle after being beaten in the dying stages last weekend by Tancredi and will be working towards nothing less than a win.
Current Series leader is SA44 Dan Evans and with a win and a third already under his belt will be keen to continue these solid results. Making the trip for the first time with the series from Broken Hill is SA96 Brendan Guerin. Guerin’s hard charging style will suite the half mile oval.
Chris Solomon’s V83 makes a return after missing the first 2 rounds. V78 Chris Campbell, V6 Eddie Lumbar & young Jordyn Charge’s V60 have all been competing at 410ci meetings this season but are slotting their 360’s in for the weekend and will mix it up with the All Star regulars.
With all the regular All Star giveaways, autograph signing and crowd involvement and plenty of on track action make sure you come and be part of the excitement. On track action at Heartland Raceway, Moama this Saturday night November 17th from 5.30 for Engine Starts & Hot Laps.

Tancredi beats the local’s home
Monday November 12, 2018. All Stars Media
In a nail biting finish to the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series RD2 the V29 Cool car of Michael Tancredi took out the win. Tancredi had been running in third place and made his move in dense traffic in the last few laps passing SA44 Dan Evans and SA33 Mark Caruso to take the lead.
Tancredi started in 8 and drove the wheels off passing car after car. Caruso who led the race for the majority of it had to be content with second and Evans third. New comer to the 360 ranks Terry Pitt looked comfortable in the SA7 taking out the Pole Shoot Out and starting off the Pole. Unfortunately for Pitt in the early laps of the main spun in turn 2 and ended his night on the infield. SA90 Michael Lovegrove came home in 4th and SA95 Jarman Dalitz rounded out the top 5.
After destroying the car at Mildura last weekend young Rookie racer Ben Morris and team rebuild and were keen to go again. Morris in the legendary SA3 again timed well and with a third and second in his heats put the young 16 year old into the Top 6 Pole Shoot Out. Morris started in 5th for the A but unfortunately got involved with the Terry Pitt incident and retained enough damage to send him to the infield.
SA90 Michael Lovegrove and SA95 Jarman Dalitz were both hard chargers thru the pack. Both started towards the rear of the field and made their passing moves early in the race to secure 4th and 5th. Dalitz also finished the night off on a high winning the Central Vic Earthworks $200 Random Draw for the second weekend in a row. “Not bad for just turning up at the Trophy Presentation, $400 in two weeks – pretty good. Thanks to Central Vic Earth Works” said Jarman.
Jed Bell drove his team mates Chad Ely’s SA22 J&J. “We slotted our engine in during the week and Chad was Crew Chief instead of driver. I was a bit nervous in case I bent it and was a bit more cautious; but it was all good and we finished the night.” said Bell.
A special tribute was performed at the start of the night for series sponsor Glen Robertson who passed away recently with teams lining up for a minutes silence along the front straight. “Glen was a fantastic guy who couldn’t do enough to help us. It was an honour to acknowledge him in this manner.” Searle said.

Heat wins – Terry Pitt, Phil Lock, Brendan Guerin, Michael Lovegrove, Jamie Hendry and James Wren

A Main results: 1st V29 Michael Tancredi, 2nd SA33 Mark Caruso, 3rd SA44 Daniel Evans, 4th SA90 Michael Lovegrove, 5th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 6th SA14 Brendan Quinn, 7th SA42 Jamie Hendry, 8th V4 Phil Lock, 9th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 10th SA5 Trigga Gates, 11th V16 James Wren, 12th SA22 Jed Bell, 13th SA69 Cody Atkins, 14th VA8 Shaun McClure, 15th VA2 Boyd Harris, 16th V33 Michael Holt, 17th SA91 Michael Fox, 18th SA98 Cheian Perrett, 19th SA3 Ben Morris –DNF, 20th SA7 Terry Pit-DNF.

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Michael Tancredi - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Phil Lock
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Jarman Dalitz
All Star Hot Arse Award –James Wren - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Cheian Perrett
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Michael Lovegrove

Tancredi gets the job done
Sunday November 11, 2018. All Stars Media
In a nail biting finish to the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series last night the V29 Cool car of Michael Tancredi took out the win. Tancredi had been running in third place and made his move in dense traffic in the last few laps passing SA44 Dan Evans and SA33 Mark Caruso to take the lead.

Tancredi started in 8 and drove the wheels off moving forward passing car after car. Caruso who led the race for the majority of it had to be content with second and Evans third. New comer to the 360 ranks Terry Pitt looked comfortable in the SA7 taking out the Pole Shoot Out and starting off the Pole.

Unfortunately for Pitt in the early laps of the main he spun in turn 2 and ended his night on the infield. SA90 Michael Lovegrove was another to move forward after starting in position 10 he finished in 4th. SA95 Jarman Dalitz rounded out the top 5. Full detailed report to follow
The river runs to the Bridge
Thursday November 8, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series rolls into Murray Bridge Raceway this Saturday night for RD2 of the West Coast Concreting $2,500 King of the River. “This is the home track for all our South Aussie teams and they love the opportunity to compete there. Murray Bridge has been a fantastic supporter of 360’s over the years and it’s great that we get the chance to compete there twice this season.” says Searle.

SA44 Dan Evans in the Evans Transport Maxim took out the win last weekend and will be hoping for a repeat. Evans was fast at Mildura breaking the track record and with Trevor Green fine tuning things will be one to watch. SA96 Brendan Guerin & V29 Michael Tancredi placed 2nd and 3rd at Mildura and will both want to go one or two better. Former Series & State Champ SA33 Mark Caruso is experienced at the Bridge in both 360 & 410’s and home track knowledge is sure to help.
SA990 Michael Lovegrove makes a return to the series for the night. Series regular SA69 Cody Atkins also makes a return after securing an engine last weekend. The team have worked hard through to week to get both car and engine ready.
After destroying his Cool chassis last weekend at Mildura SA16 Jack Gartner and team have been burning the midnight oil this week repairing and restocking and a good result will make this effort worthwhile. Young Rookie Ben Morris in the Phil March owned SA3 J&J team have also had their work cut out for them. Morris went for a big ride last weekend and with major damage to the car have rebuilt and keen to go again.

With a quality field for the night with the like of V16 James Wren, SA14 Brendan Quinn, SA95 Jarman Dalitz, V4 Phil Lock just to name a few there is guaranteed to be fireworks on the track. “Some might like to call it a SA versus Vic Challenge but with cars from both states locked in for the series we don’t look at it this way, but having said that it will certainly be All Star V All Star! ” Mandy Searle says

With the usual All Star giveaways, posters, driver autograph signing it will be lots a family fun. On track action starts from 5.00pm for Hot Laps Saturday November 10th.

Evans flag to flag in the Beasley
Sunday November 4, 2018. All Stars Media

S44 Daniel Evans dominated the A Main leading the action packed 30 laps of the Col Beasley Classic last night at Timmis Speedway. Lining up on the front row beside SA22 Chad Ely Evans got the start and comfortably lead the race flag to flag. Ely was sitting in second until having to retire mid race after a red with a flat left rear.
Young Rookie Ben Morris took the ride of his life mounting the catch fence in Turn 3. A rear axle broke sending Morris hard into the wall and leaving him a passenger going along for the ride. SA96 Brendan Guerin had 2nd locked in after dicing with V29 Michael Tancredi several laps and made his passing move in Turn 2.
Early in the race Reds were bought on by SA14 Brendan Quinn tagging SA16 Jack Gartner bringing both drivers night to an end. Gartner sustained major damage. Reds were again bought on by SA5 Trigga Gates in Turn 4 ending Gates night. Solomon looked threatening throughout and was rewarded with the BK Racing 4th Place win.

Evans paid tribute to Col at the presentation saying how much it meant to him to win this event as his Dad used to race against Col and he remembers him as a kid. Also thanking the BS Earth Moving Timmis Speedway for putting on this event who were rewarded with a massive crowd.

The evening started with Paul Solomon winning the Oval Express Magazine Quick Time and setting a new one lap track record. On a well prepared track, Dan Evans thrilled the large crowd by lowering this even further in his first heat race.

Heat wins – Phil Lock, Dan Evans, Cha Ely, and James Wren.

A Main results: 1st SA44 Dan Evans, 2nd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 3rd V29 Michael Tancredi, 4th V7 Paul Solomon, 5th V4 Phil Lock, 6th SA33Mark Caruso, 7th James Wren, 8th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 9th VA2 Boyd Harris, 10th V50 Darren Clarke, 11th V33 Michael Holt-DNF 12th Trigga Gates, 13th SA22 Chad Ely-DNF 14th SA3 Ben Morris- DNF, 15th VA8 Shaun McClure-DNF, 16th SA16 Jack Gartner-DNF, 17th SA15 Brendan Quinn-DNF

Contingency Winners

IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Micka Holt - $100 cash

Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Jarman Dalitz

Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Jarman Dalitz

All Star Hot Arse Award –Boyd Harris - Fire Extinguisher

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Paul Solomon – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine

Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Darren Clarke

Col Beasley tribute by the All Stars.
Thursday November 1, 2018. All Stars Media
Finally we are about to kick off our 12th season of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series at Timmis Speedway, this Sat night – Nov 3rd..
I can’t wait to see all our old teams, meet our new teams and be back at Mildura again for our opening night. With a star studded field of top 360 competitors including past 360 Australian Champions, both the Victorian and South Australian State Champions and 3 past Series Champions; and what a cool way to kick off our season with the Col Beasley Classic incorporating RD1.

As everyone remembers Col was a well-loved bloke around Mildura and passionate sprintcar competitor. He ran with us back in the day and we are really honoured to be able to hold this tribute night in his honour. ” says Mandy Searle Series Promoter.
Back by popular demand is the ‘King of the River’ with a new sponsor on board. West Coast Concreting have picked up the naming rights for this mini-series and Mildura will be Round 1 of the 5 rounds which are all based along the Murray River and has $2500 to win purse.

Well known car owner and crew guru Tony Bartlett has joined forces with the V29 Michael Tancredi team. Tancredi has been racing for a couple of seasons now but will certainly benefit from Bartlett’s knowledge. His experience is proven winning 3 series championships over the years with three different drivers.

‘Farmer’ Phil Lock is backing up for his 12th season. Locks dedication to the series has to be admired with the team only missing 1 show since the series started. After a nail biting finish for the Championship last season SA33 Mark Caruso is back to go one better this season. Caruso and Paul Solomon tied for the Championship at the final round with Solomon taking it out narrowly by winning one more A Main than Caruso.

Hard charger’s SA44 Dan Evans, SA 96 Brendan Guerin and V34 Brenten Farrer all always put on a show at Timmis and will all be aiming to take out the Beasley event. SA16 Jack Gartner is rolling into his 4th season and his results are really stepping up. Gartner who recently turned 21 would love nothing better than to put it on the podium for RD1. Chad Ely is back in his own SA22 J&J for the night. Ely has done limited 360 shows over the past couple of seasons and has some mixed emotions from Mildura a few seasons back; an A Main win will solve this.

Series regulars SA95 Jarman Dalitz, V16 James Wren, SA5 Trigga Gates just to name a few are locked in for the Beasley Classic all looking for a strong start to the season.
With the usual All Star giveaways, posters, driver autograph signing it will be lots a family fun.

On track action starts from 5.30pm. November 3rd Timmis Speedway, Mildura.

BK Racing TI Components partner the All Star Series
Monday October 15, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series are thrilled to announce that support from BK Racing TI Components has been locked in for the oncoming 2018 – 2019 season.

West Australian based Brendan Telfer formed the company a few short years ago and has grown into a highly recommended supplier of Speedway Titanium race car components. His products are used by many top name teams in both Australia and the USA.
A Full titanium sprintcar bolt kit will be presented to the Driver that finishes in 4th place the most number of times in the A Main over the season.
“Brendan is also a well know Crew Chief and after working for many top teams over the years he knows what it feels like to finish just off the podium. This way the guy that comes 4th the most times is also rewarded for his efforts. We are pleased with this suggestion as it falls in line with our idea of recognizing all our teams and not just the winners.” Promoter Searle says. The Complete TI bolt kit is valued at $1600.

With over 325 pieces in the kit they are purposely built to suit your car. Another advantage the kits have is every part is labelled with the exact position it's intended for, so no more guessing where this bolt and nut goes.

Check out Face Book at BK Racing TI components, Web site at www.bkticomponents.com email [email protected] or simply phone Brendan on 0458 004381

Col Beasley Classic
Tuesday October 9, 2018. All Stars Media
Saturday November 3 will kick off the season for the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series and what a way to start the season with the 3rd running of the Col Beasley Classic incorporated with RD 1.

“We are truly honoured to be involved with Col’s race. Mildura's Timmis Speedway has a very rich history with 360’s. It hosted the 1st ever 360 Australian Sprintcar Title along with the well famed "Mildura to Knoxville Nationals in the early 2000's which was organised between Col & Harold Brennan Snr before the series even started. Col was a great supporter of ours and used to race with us back in the day and we feel privileged to be able to honour his memory.” Mandy Searle tells us.

“Col raced with the number 27 and to highlight this $2,700 will be on the line for the winner with a bonus of $500 paid out to the leader of lap 27 in the A Main. Ben and all the team at B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway are certainly trying their best to promote this show and we can’t thank them enough for giving us this opportunity. With the club increasing the prize money it certainly gives RD 1 a good payout with our normal first place money being allocated back to second. ” says Searle

Timmis Speedway Club President Ben Aworth added "We want to continue on the great leg work that's been done to make this event what it is. We would love this event & race to be Australia's premier 360ci Sprintcar race. In saying that we have had a whole host of teams committing to this year’s race & a lot that doesn’t usually run the 360ci class so it will be really interesting this year."

Nominations are now open and can be downloaded via the All Star website www.sprintcarallstars.com.au/forms2k10.asp link or email [email protected]

Velocita Custom Driving Suit Lucky Draw 2018-2019
Monday October 8, 2018. All Stars Media
Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Stars Series are very pleased to welcome Velocita Safety Australia back on board for the oncoming season.
Velocita Manager Mark Smith has again offered to support the All Stars with an SFI/5 full custom design & fit race suit with unlimited embroidery and built in arm restraints. The suit also features NASCAR boot cuffs, Euro back gusset and 360 radial arms. The retail value is $1550

As well as the driving suit they are also supplying a Duck Bill Pyrotect Helmet supplied in size and colour required to customer and a custom Steering Wheel.
“Being able to offer these awards to our drivers is fantastic. The lucky winners from last season were Daniel Evans winning the driving suit and Cheian Perrett winning the helmet.

“The suit will be held as a Lucky Draw at the Presentation Cabaret in Mildura on March 31st. To be eligible for this drivers must comply with series regulations and compete in 11 out of the 12 Series rounds and be in attendance at the Presentation Cabaret.

Drivers that comply with this will have their name put into a barrel and the name drawn out is the lucky winner, it’s as simple as that. Anyone has a chance. The Helmet will be awarded to the winner of the Rookie of the Year Award for the season. I would encourage any driver considering purchasing a new race suit this season to contact Velocita and support the sponsors that support us” says Mandy Searle.
Check out and like their Face book page ‘Velocita Safety Aus.’

All Stars Bar Up 8 ...............
Wednesday October 3, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series secure driver rewards again this oncoming season. Bar Up Bullbars has again offered to continue with some cool prizes to the driver that finishes in 8th place in the A Main at every round.

“Shaun Forrell, Proprietor of Bar Up Bullbars is a great supporter of the Series as both a sponsor and a driver. Shaun has been racing with the series since we started and attends as many shows as his work commitments allow. His dedication to 360 racing is awesome and we really do appreciate it.” Promoter Searle says. “At a recent trip to Alice Springs Hall of Fame truck museum we spotted a Bar Up Bull Bar on one of the Kenworth trucks in the Kenworth Hall. What an honor for them.

Bar Up Bullbars are located at 293 Copland St East Wagga Wagga, NSW and specialise in manufacturing Bullbars and bumpers (including FUPS-Front Underrun Protection) for all types of trucks. For general enquiries call us on (02) 6971 0129 or check out the web site www.barupbullbars.com.au

$2,500 up for grabs for the All Stars ‘King of the River’
Saturday September 29, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series travel along the Murray River region 8 times this season and are pleased to announce that the ‘King of the River’ mini-series is back for the 2018-19 season. “We are excited to welcome West Coast Concreting on board as the major sponsor for this. It will be for our first 5 round of the Series which are all located along the Murray River.
The winner will pick up $2500 and will be crowned at Timmis Speedway at the end of our January 5th show. West Coast Concreting is a new sponsor for us and we can’t thank them enough for their support allowing us to pay out this fantastic prize. We started the King of the River mini-series a couple of years ago as a bit of fun and it has been growing in popularity each year. This is also another incentive for our teams to run our first 5 shows.” says Mandy Searle

West Coast Concreting is Geelong based company servicing all concrete related jobs both big and small. With many years of experience their professional work is highly sought after. They do Domestic, Commercial & Industrial concrete services in Geelong and surrounding areas including driveways, paths & slabs & polished concrete. If you are looking for skilled job at the right price then call them.
Phone 0488 015 126 or get a free quote on line at www.westcoastconcreting.com.au/online

The tracks involved are Timmis Speedway, Mildura - RD 1, Murray Bridge Speedway, SA - RD2, Heartland Raceway, Moama, N.S.W – RD 3, Sunline Speedway, Waikerie, SA - RD4 and concluding at Timmis Speedway, Mildura - RD5. Points are based on the A Main series points only with double points for the final round. To be eligible for this the driver must compete at all 5 shows.

Hoosier Tire – winning tyres for a winning series.....
Monday September 17, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series is pleased to announce that Hoosier Tire Australia have again locked in as a major sponsor for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 season.

“Max Dumesny from Hoosier Tire Australia has supported the Series since it started, and to have them continue to give us this support for their 11th season is fantastic.” Mandy Searle, Series Promoter tells us.

“Again this season we are able to present every feature winner with a Right Rear WAV tyre as well as $1100 in prize money. The WAV tyre will continue to be used as the right rear control tyre for all Series rounds. This tyre is also used by the Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria for the Eureka Garage & Shed Series. This will really work well again for all competitors have the same control tyre giving them consistency.” Searle says.

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers locked in for 2018/19
Sunday September 9, 2018. All Stars Media
Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers have again secured naming rights for the Australian Sprintcar All Star Series. This is the companies 9th year of involvement.
Mainline originally commenced as naming rights to the All Star Challenge $10K to win show and after two years took up naming rights of the Series.
“We are very pleased that Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers have chosen to continue involvement with us again this season. Without sponsors like Mainline we cannot do what we do and cannot thank them enough for their loyal support. ”Promoter Mandy Searle says.
Andrew Elder from Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers spoke to us earlier and said “We are happy to be involved with such a proactive series. They have a great bunch of teams & competitors. We always enjoy the racing and can see the commitment the officials, drivers and crews put in every night at the skids.”
With 12 rounds locked in for the 12th season the series looks forward to a stela season.
“We are honoured to have Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers back on board. Our new drivers will still have to keep practicing the name before getting up on the Dias although after such loyal support the name should flow easily by now.” Mandy Searle tells us.

All Stars supporting South Australia
Saturday June 9, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series are pleased to announce that in conjunction with the SA Sprintcar Club they will be incorporating the 360 South Australian State Title on December 8th at Sunline Speedway, Waikerie.

“This date locks in December 8th that we originally had as ‘To Be Confirmed’ on our calendar and has to be exciting news for all our South Australian competitors now giving them 5 rounds in their home state; 2 at Sunline, 2 at Murray Bridge and 1 at Mt Gambier. We are also looking at paying out additional prize money for the 360 State Title.

When this is confirmed we will officially announce the payout. We really hope now that this will entice all of the 360 competitors back to their local tracks and helps towards getting the car count back to the good numbers that used to compete in SA. Working to get additional money for these shows also takes commitment and hopefully all the hard work will be worth it.” Promoter Mandy Searle says

All dates are now locked in for the 2018-2019 season where we are celebrating our 12th season with 12 rounds.

Reading the history book
Thursday May 10, 2018. All Stars Media
With the off season well under the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series has had a chance to look back on the past 11 seasons and what has been achieved since their conception back in 2007-08.

“My good friend Tom Schmeh who worked as an historian at the Knoxville Hall of Fame until recently told me in our first season – ‘Mandy you need to keep record of series winners & stats etc. so you can look back on your history’ I did wonder why back then but did as he suggested and now as the years have passed I get it and find it fascinating to look back on. By keeping records I also know when our special milestone events will happen. This season we get to celebrate our 100th series round; that’s a pretty big deal for us.

Who would have ever guessed at our first ever show at Bacchus Marsh and only18 cars in attendance that one day we would get the chance to celebrate 100 rounds.” Mandy Searle says.

Fast facts:
• 211 drivers have competed overall.
• Phil Lock has only missed 1 show since we started. Chris Solomon, Paul Solomon, Brad Foster & Tony Moule make up the top 5 drivers that have raced the most with series. These 5 drivers are also the only ones who raced at the first ever show and been competing with us since.
• Tony Moule has won the most A Mains with Locky 2nd; Paul Solomon 3rd There has been 34 different feature winners overall.
• 3 sponsors have supported the series since the start - Max Dumesny Motorsport, GKR Transport & Sprintcar World. 6 other companies have locked in 10 seasons of support – Red Ed Sheds, Vortex Racing Products, Hoosier Tire Australia, Oval Express Magazine, IDIGIT & Maxam Printing. What an outstanding level of commitment from these companies.
• Timmis Speedway, Mildura has held the most series rounds running a total of 18 rounds, with Simpson Speedway next in line closely followed by Murray Bridge Speedway.14 different venues have held rounds.
• Both the All Star Challenge and Tyson Perez Memorial have run 8 times. The Challenge has had 7 different winners and one wash out. The Spud show has had 4 different winners. 100 different drivers have competed in the Challenge from every state in Australia and the USA. Phil Lock, John Vogels & Chris Solomon are the only 3 drivers that have competed in all 8 shows. Current Supercar Driver Tim Slade raced in the first ever Challenge. 107 different drivers have run the Spud Show.
• 10 different drivers have won the series with the first two time winner last season.
• 4 officials have been involved since day one.
• 160+ Rookies to 360 racing have competed over the years.

“When you look at these statistics you can see just some of what has been achieved over the past 11 seasons. The dedication of our drivers, sponsors and officials is amazing. The car count still stays strong even with all the miles we travel. Looking at these stats you can also see clearly the ‘family feel’ that we pride ourselves on shine through. Watching young 16 year olds doing battle with the 60 year olds, watching brothers, sisters, mums, dads and uncles compete against each other always makes me really proud of what we have achieved.

Giving young competitors the opportunity to race with their hero’s, for example watching a 17 year old Cory Lincoln line up beside a legend like Danny Smith or 16year old Cheian Perrett get to race against Terry McCarl is really cool. Every driver, crew, sponsor & official should take the time to be proud of their achievements because we are. I wonder what amazing stats I can add to our history next season.” Mandy says.

Below are podium winners from the first season and highlights the loyalty of All Star teams. Darren Hickman these days has his son racing and also sponsors the series. Tony Moule is still competing and Lauren White (Densley). Lauren has since retired from racing

All Stars 2018-19 Proposed Schedule
Monday April 30, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series are pleased to announce their proposed schedule for the upcoming 12th season.

“We are very excited to release our dates early in the off season. Dates & venues have changed around this season to work in with venues and we have extended the season after listening to our teams last season. We are also pretty excited to continue our tradition and kick off at Mildura and finish at Mildura.

This season we are honoured to incorporate the prestigious “Ross Wright Memorial” in our second visit to Murray Bridge in March. This date also allow teams travelling over to WA for the 360 Australian Title to pick up a race meeting on their way home.” Searle says. “Also if any travelling teams want to come and run the Spud Show the can pick up the 360 Victorian Title at Simpson the weekend after.

I am really pleased the way the calendar has worked this season and will hopefully take some of the pressure of our teams also.”

Dates are –
November 3 - Timmis Speedway, Mildura. VIC
November 10 - Murray Bridge Speedway, Murray Bridge, SA
November 17- Heartland Raceway, Moama. NSW
December 8 - TBC
January 5 - Timmis Speedway, Mildura VIC
January 12 - $10K All Star Challenge, Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway, VIC
February 2 - Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham, Vic
February 9 - Heartland Raceway, Moama. NSW
February 16 - Sunline Speedway, Waikerie, SA
March 2 - Tyson Perez Memorial, Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier, SA
March 23 - Ross Wright Memorial, Murray Bridge Speedway, Mt Gambier, SA
March 30 - Series Final Timmis Speedway, Mildura. VIC
All Stars celebrate in style
Thursday March 8, 2018. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series were pleased to get the opportunity to acknowledge their Drivers, teams and Sponsors at the end of season Presentation Night on Sunday 4th on the picturesque Murray River. In what was a nail biting conclusion for the final round Paul Solomon and Mark Caruso tied on 5065 points and with a countback on A Main wins for the season Solomon pipped Caruso by 1 – Solomon -3 and Caruso 2. In doing so Solomon became the first driver to win the Championship two times. An exciting way to finish an exciting season. Teams were treated with DVD presentations reliving both the highs and lows of the 11th season.

Top 5 in the Drivers’ Championship - 1st V7 Paul Solomon, 2nd SA33 Mark Caruso, 3rd V83 Chris Solomon, 4th V16 James Wren, 5th SA95 Jarman Dalitz

H’s Star Award – James Wren
Best Presented Car & Crew – Michael Tancredi
Crew Chief of the Year – Ken Hutchins
Most Improved – Jarman Dalitz - Winning 4 Max Wheels from Max Dumesny Motorsport
Vortex Altitude Award – Daniel Evans - Winning an Outlaw Top wing from Vortex Racing Products
Rob Barker Encouragement Award – Cody Atkins.
Outstanding Achievement – Ken Hutchins
Rookie of the Year – Cheian Perrett - Winning a Helmet from Velocita Safety Apparel
Drivers Driver –V4 Phil Lock
Velocita Lucky Draw – Daniel Evans – Winning a Velocita Custom Driving Suit
All Star Legend’s – Murray Lock

The Drivers Driver Award was again won by Phil Lock which an amazing achievement winning this award 8 times in the short 11 seasons. Drivers are now calling this the Phil Lock Award instead of Drivers Driver. The respect he has earnt amongst his peers truly shows.
Murray Lock was inducted into the Hall of Fame with a heartfelt speech by Promoter Mandy Searle. “Murray has been a part of the series since we started, he is a quiet achiever but his efforts never go unnoticed. Murray will help any team he can and is one of the first to offer help and advice to our younger competitors. He has shared his young growing family with us over these years and it will only be a matter of time before we have another young Lock on the race track. His passion for us is second to none and is another deserving member to the exclusive Legends Hall of Fame.”

Thanks everyone for a fantastic night and congratulations to everyone!!

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